Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller is just one one of those crazy old-school Hollywood critters you simply have to love. Other than a few comedy records and an endless run on all (literally ALL) the talk and game shows of the '70's, it seems like the woman never really did much. She's just famous for being famous. She's a little scary.
She's fucking Phyllis Diller, bitch.
Here, she breathily "sings" her way through the Rolling Stones' classic sounding an awful lot like Yoko Ono on oxycontin. She thows in a few one-liners during the break, and somehow manages to pulls the whole thing off magnificently.
Phyllis Diller - Satisfaction
MP3 514KB, 24kbps, 44kHz



Random Photo of the Day: "Pink Power Flower"

Photo by Lou, Blackwell Isalnd, CD, June 2005


Alice Cooper

Dieses ist ein Spaßlied, zum auf Karaoke Nacht am Stab des Mik-n-Mik-n-Macs zu singen. Ich bin nicht der sehr großste Ventilator des Alice Faßbinders, aber es ist der Spaß, zum der Leute in der Krone mit den Lyriken zu diesem Menstruationklassiker zu entsetzen. Throw in einem wenig inländischen Mißbrauch und dort gehen Sie. Sehen Sie Sie folgender Montag.
Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed
MP3 5.25MB, 128kbps, 44kHz



Fondue of Links:

Fondue of Links:
Flexible Graphics
(My design site)
Stuff On My Cat
Pictures of stuff on cats = hilarious!
Premonition Magazine
It's like Pitchfork en Français
Plaid Toaster
My dear Melanie's new blog
Podunk CDA
Interesting Coeur d'Alene trivia bits


Random Photo of the Day: "Dancing At The Leopard Lounge"

Photo by Patrick 07/23/05


Flexible Records July Update


Flexible Records goes from B to B to A and back again for July with 3 new EP releases.

"Aquadrone" is a fitting title for the Flexible Records debut of Spokane's Blue Jude. Khalil and Sara make ominously gorgeous music that paints a blurry picture of life in the cold, grey Lilac City. According to the band, Blue Jude "works with simplistic harmonies,and darker melodies creating both a raw and full depth to our music. It's perfect for hanging yourself to."
Breadthousand is Andrew Torres of Kalispell, MT. Andrew uses a musical mish mash of guitar and electronics to create dense and wonderfully bright instrumental landscapes of sound. The "Vitamin Me12" EPstarts with the freshly baked sound of the title track and builds down to the late-night ambience of "Kilika".Throughout the EP, the guitar is melodic and moody, and the beats echo rapturously. For more insight, see below for an excerpt from a December 2004 Breadthousand interview.
Finally, the much-anticipated new release from Boise, Idaho's ASP, "Sweet & Bitter". Amy Willis has an amazingly diverse range of influences listed on her MySpace page, from Squarepusher and Mouse on Mars to Bauhaus and Joy Division. As a result, the music of ASP an ear-bendingly fantastic collision of dark, gothic moods and mind-rattling electronics. Harsh analog sounds get cozy with intricate looping melodies and textures. Seeing as Amy is so musically prolific, you can look forward to more from ASP in the near future.
Forthcoming Releases:
Swivek - Bandbox EP
Orange Television - Auto Bung Solos LP


Depeche Mode

Oh me, oh my. I have been caught up in so many little projects and things that I seem to have neglected by blog. Okay folks, I'm not going to feel too guilty about not spending my summer sitting here in this dump: the weather has been gorgeous and the beach and the thrift shops have beem calling! I've been recording a new album! Also, along with more hours at the hotel, I finally finished and put up my site for Flexible Graphics and did a July update for Flexible Records (see flyer above). However, I vow to stay on top of blogging - Music is the love medicine, kids. and I am your family doctor. And today's dose is especially warm and squishy...
At risk of possibly pissing off Mute Records (who likely leaked it anyway), I present the absolutely stunning new single from Depeche Mode. Early buzz on thier new LP Playing the Angel is that it is a return to the classic beloved Mode sound of long ago and is the best thing they've come up with since at least Violator (1990). We have to wait until October to get our undeserving, foul mitts on an actual copy, and I can't wait. I think that with all the black nail polish bands that are so hot right now, maybe this time Depeche Mode will finally get the respect they deserve for inventing whole new genres of electronic music. Also, I want to lick Martin Gore's face.
Depeche Mode - Precious
MP3 3.99MB, 128kbps, 44kHz



Random Photo of the Day: "Momblur"

Photo by Patrick 06/19/05


Bob Moog

Bob Moog, father of the synthesiser is seriously ill with an inoperable brain tumor. Leave a message for this fabulous musical pioneer here.


Shirley Bassey

(Today's hit pick is dedicated to Sister Brian.)
Shirley Bassey - Big Spender MP3 2.6MB, 128kbps, 44kHz



Random Photo of the Day: "Brent in Piscataway, New Jersey"

Photoshop by Patrick 07/08/05


Connie Vannett

This trash classic was a highlight of the soundtrack to John Waters' latest fun raunchfest A Dirty Shame. Anyone else remember Miss Jesi Gabouri's rowdy karaoke performances of this tune at the Fort Ground Tavern last summer...god bless her sore, wet, hot, bald, free pussy...just a friendly little cat!
Connie Vannett - The Pussy Cat Song
MP3 3.02MB, 160kbps, 44kHz



Random Photo of the Day: "Kebab 2: Quincy's Tattooed Boogaloo"

Photo by Patrick 07/04/05



...or rather it's "Daft Punk - Technologic (Peaches No Logic Mix)". But when Our Lady of the Unshaved Crotch decides to do a remix, she basically does a redo. It's pretty much an entire cover of the original with scant traces of the original artist's track. Such is the case here, with the Peach chanting the lyrics herself in typical detatched valium-sex fashion, and out-doing the rather dull original with bursts of sampled guitar and minimal beats. Daft Punk? Who gives a robot's ass these days...it's a new Peaches album the people are really craving.... Peaches - Technologic MP3 7.17MB, 192kbps, 44kHz



Random Photo of the Day: "4th of July Kebab Incident"

Photo by Patrick 07/04/05



So I'm back from outer space. It's a tad cheeseball, this I know, but never before have I been able to relate to the tune "I Will Survive" so damn well. REM's sour-milk acoustic version of the Gloria Gaynor classic only begins to create an impression of the heartbreak I have been in recovery from as of late. The sudden end of a two-year relationship sent me briefly into a downward swirl of tears and ciggarettes. (...and made me forget about this poor blog for a while...) It's never easy, I know, but this one I took a lot harder than I ever would have imagined. It's truly shattering to me that a love so deep could just flit away overnight...Ah well...Life - she does go on, as they say, and Old Man Time makes each day just a little less sad. Well, this is the only time I will whine about it here, then tomorrow it's back to more FlippyFloppy fun. I think I'm finally starting to feel ready to take on whatever this Tilt-a-Whirl of a world has for me next... R.E.M. - I Will Survive (Acoustic) MP3 2.87MB,128kbps,44kHz

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