Flexible Records July Update


Flexible Records goes from B to B to A and back again for July with 3 new EP releases.

"Aquadrone" is a fitting title for the Flexible Records debut of Spokane's Blue Jude. Khalil and Sara make ominously gorgeous music that paints a blurry picture of life in the cold, grey Lilac City. According to the band, Blue Jude "works with simplistic harmonies,and darker melodies creating both a raw and full depth to our music. It's perfect for hanging yourself to."
Breadthousand is Andrew Torres of Kalispell, MT. Andrew uses a musical mish mash of guitar and electronics to create dense and wonderfully bright instrumental landscapes of sound. The "Vitamin Me12" EPstarts with the freshly baked sound of the title track and builds down to the late-night ambience of "Kilika".Throughout the EP, the guitar is melodic and moody, and the beats echo rapturously. For more insight, see below for an excerpt from a December 2004 Breadthousand interview.
Finally, the much-anticipated new release from Boise, Idaho's ASP, "Sweet & Bitter". Amy Willis has an amazingly diverse range of influences listed on her MySpace page, from Squarepusher and Mouse on Mars to Bauhaus and Joy Division. As a result, the music of ASP an ear-bendingly fantastic collision of dark, gothic moods and mind-rattling electronics. Harsh analog sounds get cozy with intricate looping melodies and textures. Seeing as Amy is so musically prolific, you can look forward to more from ASP in the near future.
Forthcoming Releases:
Swivek - Bandbox EP
Orange Television - Auto Bung Solos LP

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