Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller is just one one of those crazy old-school Hollywood critters you simply have to love. Other than a few comedy records and an endless run on all (literally ALL) the talk and game shows of the '70's, it seems like the woman never really did much. She's just famous for being famous. She's a little scary.
She's fucking Phyllis Diller, bitch.
Here, she breathily "sings" her way through the Rolling Stones' classic sounding an awful lot like Yoko Ono on oxycontin. She thows in a few one-liners during the break, and somehow manages to pulls the whole thing off magnificently.
Phyllis Diller - Satisfaction
MP3 514KB, 24kbps, 44kHz

Actually, Phyllis is a renowned classical pianist and has performed with over 100 symphonies in North America and Canada.
By the way, that's fucking fabulous. I love you, Phyllis.
WHERE IS THE TAG IT IS NOT HERE the mp3 is not here
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