Random Photo of the Day: "Ling-Ling and Babies"

Photo by Lou, June 2005


Edith Massey

Edie and the Eggs - Punks Get Off The Grass

MP3 3.40MP3, 192kbps, 44kHz



Random Photo of the Day: "Blackwell Island Blue Flowers"

Photo by Lou, 06/14/05


Pita Pit, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Okay, it ain't Chinese, but this isn't a real restaurant review either. It's just a quick blurb to recommend Coeur d'Alene's latest downtown eatery The Pita Pit.
With it's distinct lack of any artwork on the walls, the place is happy just to let the quirkiness of the century-old building speak for itself. This is a concept that carries over into the food product as well: classy and classic. The concept is simple: you pick a main filling, ranging from chicken and turkey to more exotic flavors like falafel and souvlaki. While the cook is grilling your meat, you choose other fillings, much like Subway but with many more options. I ordered the Souvlaki and made mine with Romaine lettuce, greek olives, tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, onions, and green peppers. Other options included red onions, pepperoncinis, tomatoes, black olives, pineapples, sprouts, cheddar etc. Somehow they open up the pita shell in such a way as to accomodate an absolutely enormous amount of stuff, then they roll it all up and put it in wrapper and the darn thing weighs at least three pounds. All the ingredients seem so fresh as to make Subway seem like good 'ol Mickey-D's on the health-o-meter.
My pita was intense and delicious, so much so that I began having visions of myself returning to the Pita Pit day after day for a fix. My roommate ordered a completely different type of pita, but he agreed that it was the freshest, tastiest thing he had consumed in recent memory. The staff was cool and efficient, despite the lunchtime rush they were experiencing (and on only thier third day open!) Amazingly, both our pitas came to just over 10 bucks, including drinks. What a bargain!
The only hangup that I see for people is the extreme difficulty of finding a parking spot at 4th and Sherman that might keep some of the lazier diners from experiencing this great food. However, once you've tried one of these pitas you will be willing to park blocks away and walk - it's that good.
The Pita Pit is located at 320 Sherman Ave, next to Java in CDA.



Okay - it's back to DAILY updates around here I swear. I've been just too busy getting ready for some new Flexible Records releases (soon!) - I haven't been a total slacker. Also, to the snit who put up comments somewhere around here about why I use boldface here and there for no apparent reason, I say to you - haven't you ever read Mad Magazine? 'Nuff said. I can't put my finger on exactly why but I (heart) Shakira. This Colombian dynamo has just released her latest CD Fijacion Oral Vol. 1 and I'm hooked. Sometimes sounding like an Hispanic Gwen Stefani, elsewhere like a female fronted Depeche Mode (her favorite band), the album bounces around everywhere covering all kinds of territory. Even though I understand very little Spanish, Skakira is able to create moods and convey emotions with just the charming sound of her big huge voice. Man, can that girl sing! Plus, she is an absolutely gorgeous sweaty, gyrating hottie. Go ON, girl!

This track is my favorite from the album so far. It's toitally melodramatic and synth-poppy and I love the way she hits that note in the chorus, expressing all the frustration and madness of love in one gripping instant. Brilliant.
Shakira - La Pared
MP3 4.56MB, 192kbps, 44kHz



Random Photo of the Day: "Seems Like All The Boys Are Wearing Striped Shirts These Days""

Photo by Patrick, June 2005


Velvet Underwear

Ok, kids - sorry it's been so quiet around here this week but I've been working hard on some Flexible Records action. I've managed to sign up a handful of new artists that I'm truly excited to be working with. First off, there will be a new Orange Television EP, "Throw Your Computer In The Lake" with a couple of unreleased onlder tracks and a couple of new ones. Next is the "Ready To Wear" Ep by Velvet Underwear featuring Yeti Popstar and Lizzie Stardust from Brussels, Belgium. Thier sound is prime Electroclash and Eurotrash in a the most glamorous way possible. Also to be released soon is the EP titled "Stronger" by Boise, Idaho's Sevynstarr. It's sweepingly epic indie-rock with an electronic edge and with gorgeous etherial vocals by Miss Charity. Also in the works are still-untitled releases from ASP (Boise - Electro/IDM), Warmer (Pullman, WA - Experimental), and a few others down the pipeline. Things are taking off a bit! Here's a preview of the Velvet Underwear EP to melt your poor little brains: Velvet Underwear - Ready to Wear MP3 4.52MB, 192kbps, 44kHz



Fake Paparazzi No. 1

Photo series by Patrick, Mik-n-Mac's Lounge, CDA, ID, June 4, 2005



Random Photo of the Day: "The Liquor Shelf"

Photo manipulation by Patrick, Mik-n-Mac's Lounge, Cd'A 06/05


The Electric Prunes

You need some Electric Prunes to aide your psychedelic constipation... The Electric Prunes - Credo MP3 6.93MB, 224kbps, 44kHz



Mother of All Yard Sales

Mark your calendars, fellow yard sale junkies, this one looks like a doozie:
Mother of All Yard Sales hits Boundary County next month



Random Photo of the Day: "The Peppermint"

Photo by Patrick May 2005


Eartha Kitt

Je cherche un homme, un homme, un homme Un Pierre, ou Paul, un Jacques, ou Tom Mais n'importe comment il se nomme S'il est un homme, homme, homme La bad girl de la soul et du rhythm ' n ' blues depuis les années 50 60 une grande dame qui n'avait pas sa langue dans sa poche et qui détestait l'hypochrisie ainsi elle se fit sous Johnson virer d'une reception a la Maison Blanche pour avoir dis a Madame Johnson que les états unis n'avaient rien a faire au Vietnam. Vous trouverez également une de ses meilleures interview dans le livre Incredibly Strange Music sorti aux editions re search livre qui traite des disques les plus étranges jamais sortis [ bides compris ] depuis les années 50. Livre trouvable sur ce site Research Pubs autre très bonne radio bidesque et strange music sur le net Weirdsville Radio. Eartha Kitt - Je Cherche Un Homme MP3 2.57MB, 128kbps, 44kHz

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