Random Photo of the Day: "4th of July Kebab Incident"

Photo by Patrick 07/04/05

that bitches feet are tore up!
Hm, interesting.

Since the photo contains the feet of one individual, presuming that there aren't two monopods standing there who coincidentally have feet that match and legs, too...but I digress.

(rummages around and digs out the grammar stick)

Your comment should read:

"That bitch's feet are torn up!"

"Bitches" is the plural of "bitch" which would be correct if there were indeed a pair of monopods standing there. However, you'd then have the problem of agreement. Presuming the photo to be of monopods, your comment would then need to read as the plural of the pronoun "that" is "those":

"Those bitches feet are torn up!"

Any questions?
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