Wax On, Wax Off

(This lady doesn't have anything to do with anything.)

OK...I changed my mind. I'm putting Making Flippy Floppy on hiatus for a while. I've got no time to keep it interesting at the moment. I'm starting a new full time job and I want to concentrate on my other two main sites. I will leave the archives up here at least. I want to revive this blog at some point in the future when I have more time and some fresh ideas about it.

Meanwhile, come visit my other websites:

Get Out! North Idaho Home to my weekly Spokesman-Review column Get Out! and features all my restaurant reviews as well as a snazzy local music and arts calendar, local music, gossip and tidbits about local food places and night life, karaoke, all kinds of fun stuff.

Flexible Records I started this internet mp3 label in 2004 and it features over 75 releases of electronic, punk, lo-fi, oddball, noise, and other independent and experimental forms of music. Along with my Orange Teleivison music, you can find acts like Swivek, ASP, the Murders, Warmer, Land, Moth Hunter and so many others. All music is free to download and comes complete with original art so you can make a CD if you're kinda old fashioned like that.
Hope to see you there, my babies.



This Blog Shall Live!

OK, I was thinking about abandoning this blog because I just haven't had anything much to post about other than what I've been posting on my new food blog, Get Out (link to the right). But I can't actually bring myself to kill it off. I'm just going to reformat it a bit, kind of back to where it started, focusing mainly on music, with mp3s and cool videos. I kinda want to keep it interesting on a local level as well, so I think I will start highlighting a lot of local acts, including Spokane (there just aren't a ton of active musicians on this side of the state line). I'll still be posting some record reviews and videos of major artists I like as well. For now, I'm off to work on a redesign and to find some local bands worth yakking about...suggestions, anyone?

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