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Well, cool. It's been getting more and more trafficky here at Making Flippy Floppy. Seems like my vow to at least try to blog something every day has got people popping in from all over ze place. Once again, a special shout out to DFO, who has featured this very blog in his Huckleberries column in the Spokesman Review, the old-fashioned paper-and-ink version, even. Check it out:
OrangeTV Reviews Served w/Snark

OrangeTV is one of the many treasures who hang out at Huckleberries Online. He's the twentysomething who posts superb reviews of music, the Coeur d'Alene night scene and eateries on his Making Flippy Floppy blog. His local restaurant reviews are my personal faves. Of the Sherman IGA Deli last week, he raved about the Chester Fried chicken, barbecue spareribs and jo-jos, while recalling when he was about 12 that he and his mother "hid shivering behind a mayonnaise display as the store was being robbed."

What separates OrangeTV from other reviewers are observations like this: "Evening and night at the store is a whole different vibe – it turns into a edgy hotspot for welfare moms on meth, drunk college boys on meth, and extremely munchie-afflicted emo kids. Oh, and Hagadone honcho Jerry Jaeger. I've seen him shopping there a dozen times, late into the night, and I just know he can afford to upgrade to at least Super 1 or something. Maybe he does it to show us wee villagers that really, he's just a regular guy after all – just one of the folks."

In another post, he praised the new Breakfast Nook as a decent addition to Midtown, but he wasn't crazy about the hostess who waited on him: "The hostess coldly wrote our names on a list and still offered no clue as to when we might be seated. She was too young to be so frowny-faced and bitter." Fiesta Mexicana. Panda Express. Paul Bunyan Famous Hamburgers. OrangeTV reviews places where most North Idahoans can afford to eat. You can find a link to the Making Flippy Floppy reviews on my blog.

Awful nice isn't he, especially the part about "twentysomething." How did he know my sixth 29th birthday celebration was just around the corner? Also, you may be seeing a lot more of me in the Spokesman Review, but nothing is for sure yet, so I'll save the details for now.

A significant part of the traffic on this site comes from people searching Google and Yahoo for a variety of oddball topics. I love examining my StatCounter Keyword Analysis to see exactly what makes Making Flippy Floppy rise to the top of the search results sea. I felt the need to address some of the more unusual search terms, as well as the ones that show up on a regular basis:

"sue diamond" - Slovakian porn princess whose 87 films to date films include "Lipstick Lesbians" and "Bound and Gagged Cheerleader." I had never heard of Ms. Diamond when I copied and pasted a chunk of text from a email spam and called it "poetry" ("Sue Diamond, leggy blonde enticing a merchant prince") but I soon found out, and now her name is frequently at the top of my Keyword Search list. Sorry, fellas, there are no hot and nasty pics of Sue in action to be found in these parts, but I have a feeling you won't have too much trouble finding all of her online, even one-handed.

"spring session m cd reissue" - Ah, the classic debut from LA's best new-wavers Missing Persons. It was my favorite record when I was 11 and I wore the thing pretty much grooveless. I'm not sure who keeps hounding my site about the topic, or why, but I'm actually glad they did because I just pulled my copy of the 1995 CD reissue off the shelf and damn, 'Destination Unkown" still sounds fresh 25 years later. Try Amazon.com.

"connie vannett pussy" - "My neighbor stole my kitty / But I did see / I said to my neighbor set my pussy free / Free pussy / Sore, wet, hot, bad free pussy / Just a friendly little cat." John Waters seems to have rediscovered this novelty hit by the mysterious Ms. Vannett when he used it in his film "A Dirty Shame" in the scene where Sylvia Stickles wanders around in a concussion-induced sex craze. I think I had an MP3 posted at one point, but sorry, it's no longer here. Buy the soundtrack album.

"lola hagadone" - The enigmatic wife of Duane, who seems to prefer to remain private. In fact, there is absolutely zero information about her floating around on the web. A Google search only serves to bring up some useless info about her namesake yacht, the Lady Lola. I have personally sighted Mrs. H only twice ever, her big, blonde hair poking out from the sunroof of her luxury white car. I'm curious to know more about this local glamazon, and I'm vowing to crack the mystery of Lola - I will settle for nothing less than an exclusive interview - stay tuned.

"blonde hairdocatfight" - This one clearly has to do with the infamous Shore Lounge karaoke catfight incident. Whoever it is that keeps bringing it up like this needs to have their spacebarcheckedout.

"how to rip cassettes" - Actually I've been trying to figure out a better way to deal with this lately - I want to bring you all some cassette-only thrift store finds in MP3 format, but can't figure out why my PC soundcard is being cranky about it. I have an external preamp and a cassette walkman, but still no sound, not even a signal registering on my recording software. The only think I can figure is a faulty patchcord. Advice anyone?

OK, these are sorta fun, eh? Look for more "keyword Q&A" later...


Okay, I'm half retarded or something but how do you get the info on the traffic on your blogger site? I can't find any info on how to add it, or anything.. I want to know how people find me and who visits too..
I was glad to see DFO's story about you in the paper. I have used your site quite a bit for restaurant info (it comes up right away in google). I've made such good use of your reviews, I hope you don't mind if I join you in reviewing.
It doesn't appear you have found much about Lola Hagadone since your post on Jan.

I can tell you from personal knowledge there isn't much more to her than her clothes and hair.

A little bit on Lola:

She began dating Duane in the late 1970s while going through a divorce from her first husband Dennis Spurlock. Dennis had been an All American football player and was drafted by the Raiders in the 1960s (can't remember the exact year).

Before the divorce was finalized Lola's husband Dennis was murdered in Spokane, Washington.

She quickly married Duane, who had set her up in a nice little apartment across from the soon to be 'resort'.

She was a Speach Therapist and prior to her 20+ year marriage to Duane was an incredible, loving woman.

She has spent most of the last 20 years shovelling money at her kids to get over the guilt of their father's death.
My family and I were neighbors of Lola - maiden name Walker. She came from a very modest family. I wonder if she shares the wealth with her sibblings?

We lived nearby when we were in grade school through high school.
Denny was a great guy!

mnelin Spokane
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