Velvet Underwear

Ok, kids - sorry it's been so quiet around here this week but I've been working hard on some Flexible Records action. I've managed to sign up a handful of new artists that I'm truly excited to be working with. First off, there will be a new Orange Television EP, "Throw Your Computer In The Lake" with a couple of unreleased onlder tracks and a couple of new ones. Next is the "Ready To Wear" Ep by Velvet Underwear featuring Yeti Popstar and Lizzie Stardust from Brussels, Belgium. Thier sound is prime Electroclash and Eurotrash in a the most glamorous way possible. Also to be released soon is the EP titled "Stronger" by Boise, Idaho's Sevynstarr. It's sweepingly epic indie-rock with an electronic edge and with gorgeous etherial vocals by Miss Charity. Also in the works are still-untitled releases from ASP (Boise - Electro/IDM), Warmer (Pullman, WA - Experimental), and a few others down the pipeline. Things are taking off a bit! Here's a preview of the Velvet Underwear EP to melt your poor little brains: Velvet Underwear - Ready to Wear MP3 4.52MB, 192kbps, 44kHz

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