New OTV Songs Up at MySpace

A new Orange Television (my ongoing music project) album is starting to come together and it's likely to be instrumental. Well, not exactly instrumental, but with sampled voices instead of me singing. It's a move away from the more pop stuff I'd being doing the last few years. I'm bored with that notion, and am sick of hearing my own voice. I never really wanted to be a singer but I did it cause I couldn't find anyone else who wanted to do it. It's freeing to not have to worry about lyrics and doing frustrating vocal takes over and over and I'm quite happy with the 4 tracks I have so far. So happy, in fact, I've already added them all to my OTV MySpace page. "Hagadonia" was made for the video project of the same name (see previous blog entry below) and features a sample from a Ben Arnold track in which he ponders the question "Will they ever change in Coeur d'Alene?" "Oriental vegetables in the UK" samples from a gardening podcast by the lovely Emma, "Please Master" is quite x-rated and samples the poet Allen Ginsberg reading his 1968 homoerotic opus of the same name, and "The Hair" features an audio poem I found in a random web search by the speech-impeded James Stewart.

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luv the new tunes - new swivek stuff is almost done too - i have two songs almost completed and ready to send to you.. like a good teet they just need to be tweaked a bit.
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