Random Thoughts: My New Gozzer Hats

I've never been much of hat person. I dunno, maybe it's just the shape of my head, but most of them usually look silly on me. In high school, I wouldn't have been caught dead in a baseball cap - too jock, too ordinary Everyday Joe. I always thought hats were so dorky. I had to be different. I have owned the occasional black felt golf-style cap worn backwards - a look I could pretty much get away with. Those hats always seem get left behind on some cafe table or pilfered by friends wanting to just "borrow" it. Last winter, I found a nice cozy grey and black wool hat and amazingly, it looked okay on me AND it was a baseball-style cap. Yes, it took me until age 35 to find a baseball cap I actually liked. Recently, my friend Mark gave me two baseball caps. He works down on the lake near Harrison at Hutton's General Store, which is owned by those evil but oh so loveable Gozzer Ranch millionaires who come to town to trample our flowers and create bizarre traffic snarls in their shiny white SUV's. Glamorous? Slightly. Rude? For Sure. Many people find these Gozzer folks detestable. Anyway, Hutton's General Store sells hats with their logo along with hats shamelessly emblazoned with the Gozzer Ranch logo. One night I ran into Mark, and he was wearing one of these priceless gems, and I had to harass him about it. Poor Mark has to deal with the Gozzer Geezers day in and day out, but he tells me he's gotten pretty good at plastering a fake smile on his face. I love that certain kind of sarcastic irony that comes into play when you wear something representing an idea or concept you really can't stand. It'd be like wearing a shirt with the Hagadone Corporation logo. It'd be kind of funny. So Mark gave me the Gozzer Hat, but for now it's just going to hang on the wall - I'd actually fear for my life wearing it out too much in this town, but at least it's an amusing conversation piece. I think Mark knew I wouldn't actually wear it because a couple of days ago he brought me a Hutton's General Store logo cap, and I love it! I actually think the logo is well-designed and attractive, kelly green is one of my favorite colors, plus I can get in my reverse anti-Gozzer trip without being harassed by haters who don't get the joke. And, to my amazement it actually looks pretty okay on my big head. Finally, now I'm stuck on hats. Thanks, Mark!

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Cool... I didn't wear hats until I was about thirty. Since having kids I wear a hat almost every day because my hair sucks.

Ya know, in a few more years you can start wearing that hat poofed up on your head, and slightly tilted to one side. That's how the old guys do it. I don't know how they keep them on their heads.
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