Photo Set: Weenis' B-Day at the Rock Joint

The Rock Joint was thunderous on Saturday night with a "fetish party" in celebration of Miss Colleen's birthday. Her birthdays are always insane (one year I ended up naked in the pool of the Shilo Inn at 3 am), and with live VERY LOUD hard rock, and a bunch of people your parents were probably too scared to even let you know about, this year's party was one for the record books. How wild was it? Let's just say I'd rather not discuss it here for fear the tales of debauchery might be seen by the wrong eyeballs (employers, parents, law enforcement, therapists, etc.) It might take everyone involved until her next birthday to recover. Here are some pix that are tame enough to post: The birthday chica oozes attitude.
Insouciant Q. Christie gets fabulous at 4AM. Ween's birthday shoes.
Jimmy's wings (they were pierced to his back).
The Miss Jenny Kelly.
Aww, it'll be alright, betch.
The polkadotted Miss Erin, brightly.
Anita couldn't quite decide what to wear, so she didn't wear anything.

Whoa - never been to a b-day party like that.

Where is the Rock Joint exactly? Cd'A? Never heard of it before.
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