July 4th Video: Siouxsie & the Banshees: "Fireworks"

It's the friggin' 4th of July and I'm stuck at work pretty much all day. Actually, I'm kind of happy to be here, away from the crazy downtown traffic that has surely taken over my neighborhood. Plus, it's nice to sit in air conditioned comfort instead of 100 degree heat. I've got the AC maxed out to the point where people are coming in and saying "Brrrr..., where's my sweater?" Looking forward to classic BBQ fixings at Chez Mom after work and then party time at Chez Colleenie Weenie. Maybe I'll show up and make Deep Fried Pickles just to blow some minds... Anyhoo, to celebrate the holiday, here's some of my favorite kind of "Fireworks"...

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I love Fireworks. :)

Good ol' Siouxsie.
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