Incidental Findings: Island Paradise Photo

This undated photograph was found in a box of old photos and other ephemera in a junk shop in Kellogg. It's an actual photo, not a postcard as you might expect by looking at it. Amazingly, someone actually snapped this lurid tropical image. I want to escape there. The panorama is too perfect: the artificial blue of the water, the idyllic layout of the land, the island hut, the Polynesian princess sunning her legs while dolphins frolic. Those skies, however, are a little hazy and gray, like a gentle summer rain is about to come out and play, causing the sandy beaches to steam. I wade out to reach the shelter of the hut and an angry wee crab tries to claw my big toe. I climb inside and listen to the pitter-pat of the drops on the roof as I lay back in my papasan chair and sip my enormous Mai Tai. I paid one thin dime for this photo, which hangs on the wall at eye level next to my desk, but the mental mini-vacations are priceless. I return feeling creatively refreshed and ready to get back to work.

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