Incidental Findings: E. - Mother, Wife, Prosecutor

Miss Erika must have quite the busy life, eh? How does she find time for all these different jobs and still manage to schedule in some interior decorating? Amazing! Most impressive of all is her ability to channel the mysterious "Spirit of H". What relation to Erika is the author, Mark? This looks like something a cheesy husband might come up with after at least 10 years of marriage, in a convoluted attempt to be romantic. Although, it's not really much for a love poem, in fact it's a little chilly in tone: "...with the deepest respect", it could have been written to her by her son, her brother, her uncle, her grandfather, or one of her many, many co-workers... Found tucked inside a used copy of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" purchased at St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store in Cd'A. (Update: After Dave posted this image on his Huckleberries Online today, some buzz killer mentioned that she actually knew who these folks were and they would be upset at the notion of it being posted online for the world to read. Darned small town, I guess. Well, I'm not that interested in pissing people off, although I do think they need to get a sense of humor. So I decided to obscure the names, which I guess I'll have to do from now on with my "incidental findings". Blah.)


That was very nice of you to edit out the names after you found out that folks in this area were personally offended!

Most of these "small town" folks don't have a problem with disclosing any type of information that may lead to any particular person's own embarassment or humiliation that might help their own personal and private agenda - unlike yourself.

I really enjoyed your incidental find that could actually be argued as an accidental private and personal found or stolen note (not for public viewing as the Kalani emails are supposed to be) and now that folks are all in a twit - it's even funnier. It pays to shop at St. Vinnies for blog fodder, I guess.

That "buzz killer" knows everything! From what I have anonymously heard - she is married to an attorney for the S-R and is connected to the FBI. Wonder if this will have any repercussions since the "buzz killer" is upset?

Thanks for the laugh - and it was a good one.
Whoa holy transparent thinly veiled threat and general snarkish mailese, batman!

It is attitude like the one displayed by the PP that makes me lose hope of the collective panties ever finding thier way out of the collective ass crack where they have so stubbornly remained collectively scrunched.

bah, stubbijo,
its not all that, mmmmkay sweetie?

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