Incidental Findings: Anti-Bob Dollar

I know quite a few Bobs (including my dad) and they all seem like fine people to me. Well, someone out there clearly has a Bob problem so severe that they'd commit a federal crime and deface a dollar bill with their anti-Bob message. Watch out Bobs, someone out wants to getcha. Found at Safeway on 4th Street on July 10, when it was handed to me as change for my grocery purchase.

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I'm surprised the other side didn't have 'Pony' circled, with a cross through it. ;-)

Just kiddin', Pony...

BTW, I enjoy your reviews, Patrick.

John Austin
Whatsa matter wit ponies?
Or Bob?

doncha wonder though if the anti-bob message was from some disgruntled patron? I, myself, happen to love the el outta Bob. Still, it did take a few years and a few bucks to make his scowl lift when he sees me.
That dude is the fastest thing on wheels too. If ever your in a big hurry and are confronted by terrible lines at the checkout and if you are lucky enough to spot Bob working the helm of one of them, hit it every time.


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