Rock On: The Rock Joint Is Ready To Rock Hayden

Curt Rivadeneira, Rock Joint Waiter, rocking out.
Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the private opening party for Hayden's new "ultralounge" the Rock Joint. The lovely Miss Erin and I were able to schmooze our way in via the Spokesman-Review, and Weenis came to talk the owners into giving her a job and to do a little promotion for Inkworld. I got to interview the owners and I'm currently halfway through writing the article for next week's Get Out! column, stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, I'll just say that they did a top-notch, class-A job of pulling the place together, from the over-the-top Osbournes-esque fixtures and velvet furniture to the impressive collection of rock memorabilia on the walls. The lounge was dimly lit to the point of blindness with muted red lighting and candles, perfect for us vampiric types. There was something oddly comforting about the Motley Crue concert being blasted on twenty flat-screen TV's. The secret VIP lounge has red velvet couches hidden by large plants: who knows what kind of decadence people will see fit to engage in back there. They truly spoiled us with a night of free Cosmopolitans and African Ambers and endless fabulous food. The "Vixen Veggie pizza" was the best veggie pizza I've ever had and the "Bon Jovi bread" was amazing with crunchy bits of roasted garlic and fresh herbs. The owners and staff felt like old friends, and our waiter Curt (pictured above) had us all in a tizzy of mad flirtation. Colleen commented that the place looked felt like her living room, complete with chains and coffins, and she was right on the money. The Rock Joint is going to be hot, especially since people seem sick to death of rap and hip-hop music, if the slow death of Mik-n-Mac's recently is any evidence. Folks, I think we have found ourselves a new haunt. Opening night is tonight, so break out your leather jacket and cans of Aqua Net and check it out.

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