Incidental Findings: I Wrote This In 5th Period, It's Weird But To You

Ahhh, young love. So full of innocence, wonder, and fucking. It's a little sad the author thinks that's the way her boy shows his love to her. What ever happened to a little flowers and candy? The paper was tattered and threadbare and was tucked inside a wallet that someone found on the floor in the bathrooms at my work. Also in the wallet were 4 Silverwood tickets, a business card for a psychotherapist, and the kid's Post Falls high school ID, showing the owner to be approximately 16 (and the little bastard's already getting lucky). I tried unsuccesfully to locate the owner online and in the phone book, but I'm putting the love note back in and hoping he comes in looking for it. If not, who wants to join me for a day at Silverwood? Weeeeeee.... Click to enlarge:


Shudder. Thank God I'm not a teenager anymore.

Now my love notes to my wife read something like: "Hope you had a good day. The kids played at the park. The cat barfed in the living room. Love, me."

BTW, I appreciate all of your restaurant reviews... We've tried out more than a few places after reading about them here.
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