Incidental Findings: Goals/Pros & Cons for Mega

New blog series alert: I'm always coming across odd ephemera stuck in a used book or underneath my car in a parking lot or drifting down the way like a paper tumbleweed. For some odd reason I keep a lot of these "found objects". It's a little odd I know, but there's actually a whole magazine devoted to the concept, Found Magazine. These bits and pieces are often beyond easy explanation and I love pondering their origin and back story. They evoke a search for hidden meaning. We can take a random peek into some stranger's life. My scanner went tits-up last winter and now-a-days you can't JUST buy a scanner, you have to get one as part of a multi-use printer/fax/scanner/copier kind of device. Well, my printer is just fine, thanks, so I've been keeping my eyes peeled at thrift stores for a new one. I hit the jackpot at St. Vinnies over the weekend with a $5 scanner coup. It was built for Windows98 but still works like a charm. So. Thanks to the Divine Saint of Thrift, I can start bringing you my collection of found whatsits.
This Express Check-Out envelope from Marriott's Villas in Newport Coast, California was given a second life as a notepad for what appears to be some kind of motivational/managerial meeting or conference call. I googled "BSEDM" and "Mega" but still couldn't figure it out. I love intra-corporation lingo. In this age of laptops and hand-held gimzos, its refreshing to know that someone out there still takes longhand notes at meetings, but could'nt he at least have found a nice legal pad or something? The use of the envelope smacks of last-minute desperation, and the doodles indicate a spacey disinterest. Perhaps the author was suffering a rough morning after a wild, late night in the hotel lounge with Todd and Mike S. picking up trampy California hos while the frumpy wifey-poos stayed home back in Idaho tending to their little brats and watching "America's Got Talent." Found on the floor at the Kootenai County Solid Waste Transfer Station (aka The Dump):


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