Random Video Sunday: Beer, Crack and Bollywood

40 Ounce J - Beer Run
It's fun to see the different Coeur d'Alene places and faces that pop up in this entertaining video by local punk band 40 Ounce J. Otis G. and his homies totally rawk the drive-up quickie mart and then get everyone in town drunk on Olde English. Cheers!

The Dogs - Your Mama's On Crack Rock
Somehow this catchy little number slipped under my radar at whatever point in the early '90's it reared it's nappy head. In a way, it's tragic and sad, yet it's handled with such gleeful panache it somehow becomes almost cute. "I'm a bust you up!" Note: original video taped from long-dead and eternally kitschy music video channel The Box.

Mohammad Rafi - Jan Pehechan-Ho
A dance number clip from the 1966 Indian film Gumnaam. The song is "Jan Pehechan-Ho" performed by Bollywood music legend Mohammed Rafi. Also seen in the opening part of cult classic film "Ghost World." Just watching all the headshake dancing makes me dizzy.

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Thanks for plugging the beer run video. We're still trying to get back to open mic night if it's still on. Hope you're still game to judge karaoke idol on july 7. Mommy Dearest.
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