Mix CD: Lightworks

The Name Of The Game Is Lightworks I used to make Mix CD's left and right, all the time. I hadn't made one in ages, but I've decided to start doing one a month, making exactly 10 copies of each to give out to friends and random strangers. I get frustrated. Mainstream music is so terrible right now and I feel a compulsion to spread the word that there are people out there making great records. Most people aren't obsessive about it like me, so they never hear of a lot of good stuff, unless maybe it hits XM Radio or is hyped in the music press. So I present the tracklist for the first CD in my new monthly series - maybe if you're super nice, you will end up with a copy. Let me know if you want to "subscribe" to my series. "Lightworks" May 2007 A Making Flippy Floppy Compilation 01 Publisher by Blonde Redhead 02 Lightworks by Raymond Scott 03 Thou Shalt Always Kill by Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip 04 Declare Independence by Bjork 05 We’re Diabetic by Pat Morris 06 Elephant Gun by Beirut 07 Lightworks by J Dilla 08 Profile Me by Vomit Bomb 09 Young Manhood by the Wild Swans 10 I’ve Still Got You (Ice Cream) by Pissed Jeans 11 Hippie Priest Bum-Out by LCD Soundsystem 12 Good Deeds by Adult. 13 Lightworks (Slow) by Raymond Scott 14 Du Og Meg by Of Montreal 15 Running Water by Kathy McCarty 16 Look Alive by Pylon 17 Void by the Mary Onettes 18 Lightworks by Venus Hum 19 All Day Long by New Order 20 Subterranean Homesick Alien by Christopher O’Riley 21 The Day Before You Came by Blancmange 22 Lightworks (Instrumental) by Raymond Scott


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