April Fools Depeche Mode Style

I'm always a little leery about April Fool's Day. I have a fear of practical jokes being pulled on me. So I try to just hide in my house and make it a lazy day alone. It's a nice, relaxing day and I always manage to avoid anyone pulling anything funny. Except for those silly Depeche Mode boys, that is. Every year I get an official DM fan email with some amazing news I just have to read more of, so I follow the link to their site and after a few clicks it becomes obvious I've been duped: a Depeche April fools joke. This year it happened again. The news announcement was that singer Dave Gahan is opening a trendy restaurant called The Bitter Apple in Manhattan. Not too far fetched, until you click into the totally legit looking website to read the menu - What would you order? "Dreaming of Meat?"; "Lasagna, in Itself?"; "Milkshake the Disease?"; or my personal favorite "A Quiche of Lust?" They even made a fake MySpace page for the place. Very funny boys. Start here and follow the links through to get in on the fun or just skip to the Depeche Menu here.


I never order menu items with a '?' in their name.
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