Video: Sondra Prill: "Nasty"

Sometimes the crazy interweb just coughs up something so amazing, so jaw-dropping. To wit: Sondra Prill. Here's the story, according to The Official Sondra Prill Video Archive:
Sondra Prill was the undisputed Queen of the Public Access airwaves in the Tampa Bay, FL area during the early 1990's. The videos contained here have been unearthed and stand as a living testimony to the greatness that was Sondra during her reign. After being unleashed onto the Internet, her legend quickly grew. With hundreds of thousands of views, her mythical status grows daily. Where is she now? That, dear viewers, is the million-dollar question. No one knows. And, trust us, people have sought her out. Friends, fans, even professional journalists have left no stone unturned to find out where she is. Unfortunately, she seems to have just vanished. We only hope that life has treated her well in the 15+ years since the era when her star shone brightest.
What remains is a handful of amateur videos that encapsulate the decadent spirit of the late '80's better than anything else I've seen. Her cover of Janet Jackson's "Nasty" is a great introduction to Ms. Prill's unique fantasy world:

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Luckily? Seattle's goddess of public access TV has not gone missing...

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