OTV Live @ Open Mike Night

After 7 years of hiding in the proverbial bedroom recording studio, Orange Television (my electronic music project) made it's live debut this past Monday at open mike night at Mik-n-Mac's. It was a spontaneous decision made a few hours before the event, and ended up being much easier to pull of than I had anticipated. I just picked 4 recent tracks, brought up the Acid (music studio) files on my laptop and deleted the vocals from the mix. When I performed, I just played with the separate music tracks, tweaking the levels and mixing them in and out while singing over the top. It sounded distorted to me because I was set up in the corner and had no monitor, I could just hear myself coming from the other side of the room where the big amps were. Odd experience, but fun. Thankfully, everyone in the bar said it sounded fine and clear, no distortion. (Reminder to self - bring the headphones next week so I can hear myself better). Now I want to actually start booking some gigs in other venues - look out Spokane. Watch for the obligatory OTV double live album in the near future. I had to down a healthy few shots of Rumple Minze due to a case of classic stage fright, and I was nice and loose and ready when my time came. Q helped me set up and offered moral support and ashtrays. There were only a handful of folks present, but the reaction was good and I didn't see anyone turn white and run screaming out the door with finger in ears, so that was encouraging. Songs performed were "Talk," "Miss Puddings Dead," "Spokane Blank City," and "Thanksgiving In Chinatown." If anyone wants to join my band and play tambourine or go-go dance or something, feel free to show up next week. It gets lonely up there. Actually, the Open Mike thing at Mik-n-Mac's has been a lot of fun so far. The only thing that really seems to be missing is an audience. Monday nights are traditionally slow, so it'll be a bit of a challenge to rouse people into going out. Now that I plan on making appearances with Orange Television, I'm gonna have to do some self-promotion. If I'm going to perform, I'd like people to actually hear it, y'know? I'm hoping all the performers of recent weeks plan on making it a habit too because so far so fab: Host Mark Stephens plays acoustic guitar and has a great voice for the classic rock and originals he performs; His girlfriend, Tessa Weston, has only played guitar for 6 months, but she's already good enough to join him on a few sings; Photographer Jesse Tinsley showed up with his ukelele and performed a fine rendition of "Over The Rainbow" as well as a pornographic folk tune in Hawaiian (!!) Last week, Otis G performed some acoustic versions of his 40 Ounce J hits "Beer Run" and "Go My Way" and his lovely wife Taryn had everyone present screaming with laughter during her all-too brief comedy routine about Ethiopian food and tampons. She has promised to lengthen her set and return. If you're in the CDA area and you're reading this, come down some Monday with your accordion or flugelhorn in tow. Come sing acapella reggaeton hits, perform Shamanic chants, do a mime tribute to Don Knotts, whatever it is you do, you should come and join in the fun. I'll even stoop to bribery: show up and if you perform I'll buy you a drink. Listen: Orange Television MySpace Mark Stephens MySpace 40 Ounce J MySpace

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Has anyone ever said you sound like Matt Johnson of The The?
Wow! I'm so sorry I missed it. I really should've been there for the live debut... you know I would've thrown on a Stevie Nicks shawl and played my tamborine...
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