Egg Salad Sandwiches / Open Mic Night

I just love living here this time of year when the weather is as cracked out as Britney and it's 40 and sunny while somehow snowing heavily at the same exact time. 'Tis Trippy. Don't have much time for a post today, but tomorrow I will be putting up a new restaurant review, likely the first one that will run in the SR in a Saturday or two. Yesterday, I had the most pathetic craving for egg salad sandwiches, so I hit Albertsons and really did it. Fresh eggs, sweet onion, celery and relish. Dollop of dijon, plop of Hellman's mayo, salt, pepper. It was excruciating waiting for it to sit in the fridge for a while, cuz it really has to or it's just not as good. Spooned some into some gorgeous, lightly buttered slices of Seattle sourdough. Oh, mother. Pure egg salad heaven, and made even better by the presence of some dank original Cheetos. I need to start listening to my self-hypnosis weight-loss mp3s again, boy did I run wildly off track on that one... In between all that sexy egg salad action, I was finishing designing the below flyer for the new Open Mic Night down at the bah. Who knows? Maybe I might even plug in the laptop and Casio and do something "improvisational." I really hope people get into this and show up, it seems like a good op for Cd'A to get some kind of little music scene together. I know there's at least some wannabe Eddie Vedders in town, and that's kinda the scary part of the whole deal, really. We can only hope for the best.

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When can you come to my house and make me an egg salad sandwich? I need one now.

That sounds like the greatest lunch ever. haha
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