Video: John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Chuck Berry Cook Macrobiotic Style

In the early 1970's, after John Lennon's attempts to raise awareness of world peace landed him at the top of the FBI's watch list (a subject superbly covered in the recent film "The US vs. John Lennon"), he decided to become as public a figure as possible, just to anger those who wanted him to shut up. So, he jumped at the chance to co-host "The Mike Douglas Show", along with his wife Yoko Ono, for an entire week. It was during this week that some of the most surreal and bizarre moments in television history were created. Some visionary marketing soul saw to it that the entire week long series was made available as a DVD box set, and I've been looking for a cheap copy on eBay. Meanwhile, YouTube is full of insane clips, and this is one of my favorites. Some random hippie chick ("Hilary Redleaf") comes on the show to teach John, Yoko, and a bemused Chuck Berry how to make macrobiotic egg rolls. All three appear absolutely clueless in the kitchen as poor Hilary's patience wears increasingly thin and she actually gets snippy with the rock-n-roll legends. She just wants the food to be "full of good vibrations." While Chuck and John share an apron and make snide comments and crack jokes, a game Yoko at least attempts to use a rolling pin with little success. Must be seen to be believed, so here ya go:


How much you want to bet that Hilary snapped at some point during the 70's because her kitchen wasn't calm enough. I could see her killing some chef because he didn't cut his onion from bottom to top.
I think it's kinda funny seeing a hippy cook get pissed off.
Mike Douglas was a genius. He'd try anything on his show. He was so straight and so out there.
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