Spokesman-Review - September 6, 1965

I love old local newspapers, postcards, menus, and whatever other kind of random ephemera I can pickup cheap by combing the thrift stores. I think I'll start featuring some of these artifacts here, partially as a tribute to cdadave, who recently relocated to the Oregon coast, but used to feature quirky local retro finds all the time on his old blog. I recently paid a buck for a musty copy of the Spokesman-Review dated September 6, 1965. The front page news was the death of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, but not much else really seemed to be happening. Here are some highlights:
Just a quick little informative piece about that kooky Klan. Other than describing the honcho as "red-faced", the tone of this article is rather blase about it. Spooky.
I remember Newberrys and it was a fun place. I used to eat at the cafeteria with my grandparents and I'll never forget the smell of that brown gravy in the air.
Judge Parker & Winnie Winkle? These comics make no sense. Were they at all popular? The only one in the whole section I'd heard of was good 'ol "Wizard of Id." "Peanuts"must have been the new kid on the block since it was tucked away by itself in the classifieds.
Highlights from the "Women's Section," - I love the article headed "Be Comfortable," advising women to look their best when their hubby's take their photo since they'll have to look at those photos for years to come, and who wants to look like a hag in some photo for the rest of eternity?
This was apparently unrelated to the earlier Klan article as it appeared on a separate page as the prior article. Yes, it was the height of the civil rights era, but I still find it strange that the SR would feature the group so much,and in such casual fashion. Was this really only 40 years ago?
The movie listings: Only $1.50 per carload at the drive in, and The Beatles classic "Help" in its 3rd and final week. Looks like the "El Rey" showed movies of the blue variety.
It was nearly impossible to find an apartment anywhere priced at over $100 a month. If my rent were this cheap today, I'd be living large.
From the opinion page, this pretty much speaks for itself. I wonder what this would say today if the SR were still running it.
Amazingly, several of these shows survive to this day: The Price Is Right, Jeopardy, Today Show, General Hospital. What ever happened to the Wallaby Show?
Isn't this way more fun than today's boring horoscopes? Mine for this day would have been: "You may be sorry for thoughtless words." Me? Never.
Woah - they were still in the process of putting I90 together. This was looking west from Maple, but it's hard to get a good mental picture of what this looks like today. Is this right at the bottom of the hill near 3rd Ave?


Fascinating Patrick, and a good tribute to cdadave.
Wallaby (and Jack) went the way of Captain Cy..see 7:40 a.m.

El Rey was a source of Sunnyside Elementary School boy humor in Kellogg all the time because of the funny titles of the porn that ran there. Later, the Dishman became the X-rated theater. Seems like Deep Throat ran there for about 100 years straight.

I'll look later for it..there's an SR video blog piece on history of transportation in Spokane including
some stuff on history of I-90 being built.

My first wife was a writer for the Woman's page for the Chronicle in 1977 for a couple of years. The Chronicle might have been in the process of changing the name of that section to something like Lifestyles..I can't remember.

Fascinating stuff....more to come?
Thanks I really enjoy the trip here thru memories... especially the old shows...
Funny when I thought about the year.. I thought about it not being so long ago...until it dawn on me, I was 25 at that time.
Wow, I forgot all about Newberry's. I used to love that place. Very cool post Patrick.
Affianced? Now that's retro.


It looks like S-R kept up with its Klan news pretty well. I don't think they get this much attention anymore. When did Richard Butler move to Idaho? Was it 1968? Maybe racism was bigger news back then.
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