New Years Eve / 365 Days

I just love January 2nd. The hustle and hassle of the mad, mad holiday season has drawn to a close and things are starting to return to normal as another fast year begins. One of my many New Years resolutions is to keep this blog updated on a more regular basis and at least put something up everyday, whether it's a random photo, a pointless story, a music or restaurant review, an oddball mp3 etc. Speaking of oddball mp3s, I was delighted to receive an email from Mr. Otis Fodder yesterday, announcing the return for 2007 of his "365 Days" series of daily mp3s. In 2003, Otis and many other music weirdos contributed to this mp3 series, which includes thrift store finds, found cassettes, bad celebrity cover versions, song-poem records, and anything else fun and freaky that fell through the cracks and is begging for rediscovery. Get your daily dose here at 365 Days. Anyways, New Years Eve always manages to be fabulous and fun. This year, I was invited to a party at some friends' house. I decided to bring a fruit salad and got quite carried away in the produce department at Albertsons picking out exotic fruit to the tune of over thirty bucks! Ah well, for my first ever fruit salad it was gorgeous, and I proudly carried it into the party, opening it to delighted oohs and ahhhs. The night started out well with a handful of hairdressers and some free-flowing Stoli Citrus and Fresca's. However, the night was young, and after a few drinks and no-one else showing up, I began to panic. New Years Eve is one of my favorite nights and I like to be where the action is. At it's height, there were maybe 10 people at this party and the crowd was starting to dwindle at 10:30. So we basically snuck out, telling them we were going "to the store" and would "be back." We did actually intend on making it back there eventually, but it never happened, so now I hope the party throwers don't hate me forever: I do feel bad. Also, I never even got to try my own fruit salad: serves me right, I guess. So - of course, we were off to Mik-n-Mac's and we made it in the nick of time as all tickets were sold out and we just happened to run into one of the owners at the door who let us be the last to sneak in. This was more like it: the place was full of familiar, smiling faces ready to celebrate at full speed ahead. There was some kind of vague "Hollywood" theme happening, so co-owner Rita was running around looking like Marylin Monroe and waitress Jessi looked stunning as usual in 40's Spanish Film actress garb (see above photo with Brett). A pitcher of beer, shots of Rumple Minze, cheap plastic glasses of champagne: the drinks were flowing fast and as midnight struck, I found myself at the lesbian table making out with the girls. I made my way kissingly around the room, getting a little New Year's sugar from whatever random folks were willing to let my lips land on them. The rest of the night is a blur, and thank God that Brett was driving because I would have surely hit a pole or something. I sorta remember some after action at my house, and in the morn there was evidence: half-full bottle of Moet, warm cans of Coors Light, and most shockingly the aroma of smoke and some ciggie butts in an ashtray. Lordy, I must have had a good night because I never let anyone smoke in the house. Woah. The hangover wasn't actually too bad, but I'm still exhausted just from the holidays in general. I did party pretty hard for a few weeks and spent a fortune in the process, but I had a quite fun time doing it. Time to hibernate and get on a bit of a health kick for a while methinks...


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