Event Review: Concert for Kim Hagen @ Mik-n-Mac's

Last night's Concert for Kim Hagen benefit show went down magnificently. Mic-n-Mac's Lounge here in CDA has never looked so good - the place was transformed with layered curtains, scented candles and white floral arrangements. The local community really came together to raise money for one of our town's most talented and unique individuals, Kim Hagan. For those of you who haven't kept up on the story, check out www.bringkimback.com for full details. In brief, Kim Hagan was hit by a car while skateboarding in Eugene, Oregon late last summer and suffered massive head injuries, spending several weeks in a coma. She has since woken up and has been slowly recovering. She was finally able to return here to her family before Christmas and was doing excellent. Unfortunately, an infection developed and she had to return to the hospital and has her most recent surgery happening today. Kim has thousands of friends across the globe. She has performed with the Cirque de Soleil and as a street performer in major cities in the US and Europe. She is a dynamic and flamboyant personality with a major sense of adventure. Her spirit is infectious and unforgettable. Since the accident, her family and friends from all over have been donating time and money and offering support in many different ways. Her medical bills will be in the millions of dollars, so every bit helps. Last night's benefit show was organized by Kim's sister Christine, who is a bartender at Mik-n-Mac's. Bar owner Rita Mikalatos was kind enough to not only open on a Sunday for the event, when the place is normally closed, but she also put every dime of liquor sales and tips earned toward the Kim Hagen Foundation. Dozens of local businesses and artists donated items and gift certificates for the silent auction. Seems like everyone donated something. To name just a few: Alex Atha donated a gift certificate for his hair salon, Bryan Howell donated a dozen of his original art prints, Yvonne Bright donated a gorgeous framed print, Cafe Doma donated pounds and pounds of their special "Kim's Blend" coffee. A local travel agency donated a week long trip to the Caribbean, for which a separate raffle was held. Kim and Chris' mom Marsha held down court in the auction area, answering questions and chatting with well-wishers. Meanwhile, local musicians Kite, Cristopher Lucas, and Mark Stephens turned in some excellent performances and donated the proceeds from CD sales. Live music has been a rarity here at Mik-n-Mac's, but Rita mentioned to me that she now wants to make Monday nights sort-of an open mic night, with drum circles, guest DJ's, and live acoustic music. This is great news, and could turn into an important weekly event for the local music scene. After the music, Christine had everyone in the house come up to the dance floor and hold hands and concentrate on Kim in her hospital bed for a moment of healing, hope and silence. I haven't yet heard how much money was raised for Kim, but I'd imagine the total amount to be very nice - at least $10,000. The place was packed and people were being extremely generous with their donations and auction bids. When we heard the drink proceeds would go to Kim as well, my little group became very generous, ordering drink after drink: "I'll have another martini for Kim!" Well, the last part of the night's details are a fair bit hazy, but I do know we had an absolute blast. Here are two live music videos I recorded during the event. Apologies for the less-than-dazzling sound quality. Mark & Tessa: Kite:


Chris and her husband Cory were my son's basketball coaches last year, so I got to know them and Kim's parents a little bit. Nice people, very supportive of community activities. Nice that the community is giving back at this time!
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