Orange Television Music Video

Here's a low-budget ($0) YouTube video I put together for the song "Royal Jelly Eye Creme" from my new album, which is officially released in January via Flexible Records and CD Baby. Parental advisory: the word "cunt" is in the lyrics. So sorry.

I'll be lookin' to buy this album..send me info @ billy1227@gmail.com

You'll be making more of these videos I hope..these zero thousand dollar productions are the best.

enjoyed it a lot and will keep watching it.

raymond pert
Did you ever get a recipe for peppermint bark? :)
my e-mail address is

Please send recipe for peppermint bark if you were able to get one!
excellent video. cunt is one of my top seven favorite words.
I love the video, I need to get myself a camera.. maybe Santa will bring me one, I was born to be in pictures.

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