Video Porkchop & Applesauce

Moby & Debbie Harry: "New York, New York" In which the cutest little chihuahua ever gets the full New York treatment, shopping and dining, and ending up in a debauched disco club sniffing coke and making out. The song ain't bad either, for Moby. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton: "Doctor Blind" A brilliantly eerie and surreal K-mart nightmare come true. Drag Queen Parody - Beyonce: Ring the Alarm The facial expressions are too funny, and unlike Ms. B, this girl takes the Basic Instinct thing all the way. Dramatic Reenactment of Mark Foley IM's to Page (Invisible Engine Films) I don't like to get too into politics around here, but this was too good to resist. "Little Superstar" - I have no real explanation for this freaky acid trip.

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