Pop Single Reviews In Loose Haiku

Depeche Mode : Martyr such familiar fancy elements of former glory catchy like cobweb Fergie : Fergalicious copycat lights softly on the whirring xerox machine pussy’s getting tired AFI : Love Like Winter short and sweet high gloss eighties production steaming emo dreams Diddy : Come To Me ego overflows river once again over same old rocks what’s the point? Weird Al Yankovic : White and Nerdy wow he can rap production shiny like tinfoil fun only once Madonna : Jump effervescent message yet another delight adopt ME boogie woman Justin Timberlake : My Love nice falsetto kiddo timbaland audio candy sweet and fatty Lily Allen : Littlest Things pure golden bliss her voice drips with clarity so lovely and bitter My Chemical Romance : Welcome To The Black Parade melodramatic fog backlit fists pumping vintage american cheese Christina Aguilera : Hurt bitch can sing long red fingernails gut me minor key heaven U2 & Green Day : The Saints Are Coming unsurprisingly bombastic faxed-in charity single hot air moving nothing Red Hot Chili Peppers : Snow (Hey Oh) stuck on repeat again what once was spicy now oh so bland

Perfect one for Lily Allen. I'm totally in love with this woman. Don't tell my wife. :)
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