Your Future, Not-Soul (Spam Poem 3)

(Woah. This one came to me complete, as-is, at the bottom of a spam for soft-Cialis. I can dig it.) nose-shy milo maize near-dwelling Mohave apache passage bird Nodus secundus passion-torn orchid pink noble-natured old-established oat-crushing pay-all orange-tailed patent medicine non-natty nut grass Pan-sclavonian mouse-eared mosquito boat milch cow passion-guided Non-malay narrow-mindedness methylene iodide nail making paddle-shaped neuter passive nose-shy parliament hinge Non-anglican mulct law mid-flight mutation pressure orient pink navy board multiple-toothed mochi wood money-spelled non-pros mid-crowd oatlike grass mis-pen nitta tree page proof ore miner mind blindness orange aurora new-wrought open-chested olive mangrove much-valued oil bushing one-two new-apparel net value neutral point nest egg olive-backed thrush nurse crop oval-lanceolate ore handler mining engineering old-gold paper-cutting patina green one-word milk-yielding open-spacedly musculocutaneous nerve peacock-voiced njave oil ninety-seven mid-walk mist-impelling Pan-latin mid-length peace-preaching peak load much-admired moldy nose night-clad Navy list ostrich-feather odd-humored nut buoy one-acter

"succession breast-fed"

sniff flame, cabby scratch hard rock and convey
reticent the landlady alluring Mandarin,
woes player the at was ritual leaf of it
intercontinental to as derail snappy a darling.?!
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