Peaches: Impeach My Bush

The new Peaches leaked onto the web today and naturally, I was right on top of that one. Impeach My Bush is a Peaches record through and through, no major artistic change of direction - just pure juicy in-your-face Peach nastiness exactly how we like it. Her 808 electro sound remains intact but the sonic pallete is richer thanks to the excellent co-production work of Mickey Petralia (Beck, Ladytron). Tracks bump and pump, hitting the brain's pleasure center like a long lost Vanity 6 album. Of course, there are also a couple of full-on rock stompers including the barn-burning "You Love It" which features the legendary Joan Jett on guitar. I nearly peed my pants the first time I heard the raunchy rhymes and mind-blowing double-time rap of "Slippery Dick" and the chorus "Slippery Dick / It's just a fish in the Atlantic" put me in tears. I had to listen to it three times in a row before I could carry on with the rest of the album. Pottymouth Peaches remains ironic and iconic, straddling that thin line between low and high brow in a detachedly perverse way only previously achieved by her pal John Waters. Impeach My Bush is massive and addictive.

Yep, the production on this has taken her over the edge. Utter filth. Glorious.
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