Obscure MP3 - Xex: Rome on $5 a Day

I'm always hunting hither and yon for obscure New Wave music from the original 80's era, and just when I think I've turned up every rock, something else wriggles out of the mildewy corner. A famous Google search turned up scant information, but from what I gathered the story runs like this: Xex were a band from South River, New Jersey, just south of Sayreville (the home of Jon Bon Jovi.) They formed in 1980, made up of a young woman and three or four fairly dainty young men, playing nutso synth-pop entirely on "electronic instruments -- synthesizers, arps, computers" without any record industry veneer whatsoever. Little evidence of their existence remains but a blurry live photo and an enthusiastic review in a college newspaper. They had one album titled group: xex that was rediscovered a few years back by a DJ at NY's famed KCMU while cleaning out the record shelves. This led to a very limited CD reissue on some obscure, tiny label and swiftly sank out of print again. I happened to accidentaly chance upon this track on a p2p network, now I'm obsessed with finding my very own copy. It's a real synth chestnut, totally oddball and messed up and sounding like a Jersey version of the B-52's meets The Normal. Worth noting is what sounds like some type of crazy prototype record scratching (but may be just a dying drum machine) which continually pop loudly into the mix, and the vaguely Communist lyrics. As usual, if anyone has any more info about this lost classic, let me know.
Xex - Rome on $5 a Day MP3 5.19 MB, 128 kbp

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