Radio Free CDA

This weekend I discovered that someone's got a very nice pirate radio station going on here somewhere in the downtown CDA area at 88.1 FM. I can hear it just fine from my house but I doubt its reach is very far, it comes in and out driving around town. Great music, amazing variety...listening for an hour tonight I heard everything from The Shirelles to the Dead Kennedys to Jefferson Airplane to Public Enemy to Bjork to Primus to Bob Dylan. I other words, delightfully all over the map. I heard virtually no commercials or announcer interruptions at all, so it's a total mystery who's in charge, and a Google search brought up no clues. Anyone know anything about this too-cool-for-Idaho radio station?

The engineer from KXLY sent this to me:

XM Suspends Shipments of Some Radio Models

NEW YORK (AP) - XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. said in a regulatory filing late Tuesday that it was suspending shipments of certain radio models because of concerns from the Federal Communications Commission.

The radio units, which include the Delphi XM SKYFi2 and the Audiovox Xpress, use small FM transmitters that allow users to listen to XM's service through standard radios by tuning to an unused frequency on the FM dial.

XM had already disclosed in April that the FCC had found a problem with the transmitter in the SKYFi2 unit, saying it didn't meet appropriate emission limits.

Audiovox has disclosed separately that it was suspending shipments of the Xpress radio unit it makes for XM while questions are resolved.

XM spokesman Chance Patterson said that two other radio units sold by XM at retail might also be affected by the suspension, the Roady XT and the Sports Caster. Radio units that are pre-installed in cars are not affected.

XM's competitor, Sirius Satellite Radio Inc., has not indicated that it has similar problems, although Bank of America analyst Jonathan Jacoby told investors in a note last week that it was likely both XM and Sirius could temporarily suspend shipments of certain radios that use the transmitters, but he said he believed the fix would be quick and relatively inexpensive. A spokesman for Sirius didn't return calls for comment Tuesday.

XM said in its regulatory filing that the company was "working to limit the interruption in supply" of the radio units to retailers, and was working to have modified units that comply with FCC rules ready for shipping "in the near term." Patterson did not offer a more specific time frame.
You were imagining it. Move along, there's nothing to see here.
Most astonishing wonderful!

Decide yourself if radio's gonna stay...
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