Neil - My White Bicycle

After lingering on my SoulSeek wishlist for as long as I can remember, I finally found a download of Neil's Heavy Concept Album. In fact, I've been looking for a copy of this on any format for a long time, pretty much ever since watching The Young Ones late Sunday Nights at 2AM, for my entire teenagerhood. Pleased to say it's actually a fun listen and the music aged surprisingly well. Long out of print in any country, this one deserves the royal re-issue treatment. Neil - My White Bicycle (mp3 4.06MB, 128 kbps)

I just came upon your November 22, 2005 blog entry, which is about Ebn Ozn. I had a question I wanted to ask you about that. Is there any way to contact you more directly?
Sure, if you send me a non-anonymous message thru this blog (with your email address)I can give you what little info I have...
Thanks so much. My e-mail address is kuupio69 - at hotmail. Didn't want to write my e-mail address as is, to avoid getting bots from getting it and sending me even more spam.
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