Freddy "Flamingo" Sinsations

MySpace has really opened up the world wide web to a whole new wacky world of homemade music. I do a lot of "scouting" on MySpace, looking for potential artists for my net label Flexible Records and it takes a lot to phase me. But every now and then I come across something so out there and whacked that it makes my jaw drop in amazement. I present to you the neon-soaked gay drama of Freddy "Flamingo" Sinsations, who lists his place of residence as Miami (where else?) but came up in a search for Spokane artists... From the diet-Prince vocal effects and keyboard riff to the insane delight of the lyrics to the mid-sentence cutoff at the end, there are many wonders to behold here in this 1 1/2 minuite long flamimg flamingo fantasy world..."I like pink flamingos/I love their legs / I love to eat burritos all damn day/so dance/dance..."
Freddy "Flamingo" Sinsations - Pink Flamingos (MP3 3.32 MB, 128 kbps)

I had something I wanted to ask you about EBN OZN, and was hoping you could contact me. I just wanted to check that you were able to decipher my e-mail address that I left on your one of your previous blog entries. My email adress is 'kuupio69 at hotmail' Didn't want to type it out, so I can avoid bots that collect e-mail address and send out spam.

Also, since stumbling upon your blog, I've been reading some of your entries and even left a comment on the entry about the 'Hawaiian' restaurant. Hope the my comment is of interest to you.
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