Epidemic of Cats

My legs are in ribbons. There's little shreds of tissue scattering the carpet. Bits of home decor lay in ruin. Little balls of grey and orange fur fly by in sporadic blurs. That's right. My house has once again been overtaken by kittens. Four of them. This batch was truly not planned. My Ling-Ling went and got herself knocked up within days of getting rid of the last kitten of the last batch. I am keeping my eye on her this time, and she's going in for the snippety-snip right away, because this simply can't happen again. Oh, they're so cute at first. They open their little bleary eyes and can't even walk yet, just mew innocently. Suddenly, their kitty-vision clicks in, they discover their claws and they turn into little lethal hurricanes. They love to climb and jump on me in brutal attack fashion causing me to whine, scream, and cry in pain. MotherFUCK! Yes, I know you can't resist keeping one of these evil little shits for your very own. They're weaned and potty-trained and ready to roll bigtime. I have three girls (blackish, calico, and grey striped) and an orange tabby boy. How can you resist? Email me if you are interested in providing one of them with a good home....

awwww......they are darling, I would love one or two or more...husband would kill me....he says three are enough......
I love LOVE the calico, but I have a fresh batch of kittens on their way in a couple weeks.
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