Workin' Up A Black Sweat

Here's the latest:

We're getting a Sonic here in The 'Kan.
Count your pickles...woo hoo. Loved the kitten story. Currently Miss Grace is in heat and I am ready to throw her out to the savages awaiting in the yard.
Your web site designs are great... Clean and easy to navigate.

Panda Express? A nice alternative to Bonsai Bistro... I can't stand any other Chinese restaurants in town, except Noodle Express (which doesn't really count since they're such a one-note eatery).

I remember when Sonic came to Boise, we were so excited. Two visits later, we had no motivation to ever go back.

What this town really needs (and don't laugh) is a good buffet place... Like a Golden Corral. I'm perplexed that one of those chains hasn't come in here yet, what with all the old folks here. I like buffets for my picky kids. The Chinese buffet at Silver Lake Mall made us sick one too many times to return.

By the way, the new BBQ place at Riverstone is good... Joey's Smokin' BBQ. We've been there twice and been very happy each time.
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