Next week I'll be doing the Flexible Records update for the month with free new music from three artists. I've got jailbird pop songstress Joy Alley, Ludwig's cut-and-paste breakbeats from Leeds, UK, and O-Phase from Portland, Oregon. O-phase's real identities remain mysterious, even to me. As usual, I stumbled across thier songs on MySpace and was instantly enraptured by the primal electronics warbling from my PC speakers. Thier music hits that early Mute Records part of the brain. It's a tribute (not a mimickry, maybe a mockery) of such electro-punk pioneers like The Normal or Fad Gadget, maybe with a dash of Eno-era Devo. The voice is wry and cutting, charmingly detactched. The music is lo-fi, occasionaly distant. O-Phase embody the spirit of the original New Wave Revolution and they pull it off with good humor. I am pleased to announce the release of thier Mini-LP "O is for Order" on Flexible Records. Look for it by Tue 3/14.
O-Phase - Gustav Lives On My Street MP3 4.3MB, 192 kbps

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