CD Purchases March 2006

Only three this month (so far...) 50. Devo 2.0 - Devo 2.0 ($12.99, Target, CDA): I finally decided to get it, and worth every penny. I think some of these versions are livelier than the originals, and the accompanying DVD has a great segment where the orginal members of Devo tell cleaned up stories about the band's sordid history and the concept of de-evolution to the rather uninterested-looking teen menbers of Devo 2.0. 51. Stereolab - Fab Four Suture ($11.99, Hastings, CDA): I have purchased every Stereolab album since the beginning so why stop now? This one has a slightly different feel to it, but the 'lab is 'lab, and if it ain't broke... 52. Stereolab - Instant Zero In The Universe ($1.49 used, Amazon.com): For some reason I never purchased this Mini-LP from 2003 and it was the only hole in my otherwise complete Stereolab collection (not including singles, although I'm thinking of dabbling into that next...)

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