RIP Don Knotts Photo Series

He was a one of a kind. From the supreme underdog of Barney Fife to the undersexed, turkey-necked, polyester-clad, nervous chihuahua of Mr. Furley, to the portrait subject that made an anonymous flea-market goer exclaim "Fuckin' Don Knotts!" in John Waters' Serial Mom, Don Knotts was truly one of the greatest characters of the last century. I learned of his death only moments before stepping out for a night on the town on Saturdy evening, and was compelled to print his image and bring it with me. It became my destination to be the bearer of bad news and also to photographically capture the shocked and saddened expressions of bar-goers as they learned of Mr. Knotts passing. I never thought I'd say the phrase "look sad, damn it" so many times in one evening... Click image below for larger view.

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