CD Purchases: January

Ask anyone who knows me at all, and they'll tell you I'm obsessed with CD shopping. Especially Used CD shopping. I am constantly trawling the scariest corners of Pawn Shops and Hastings looking for that elusive ultimate rare treasure in a dusty bin. The clerks know me, and usually I can talk them into some good discounts. I usually pay $2-3 per CD, and will rarely go over $6. With the Mp3 era in full swing, I rarely purchase new CDs unless it's something I really love and HAVE to own. Otherwise I keep faith that sooner or later I will run across a copy for $2 at Jim-Bob's Junk Shop in Missoula. So, I've decided to put this blog to good use and catalog ALL my used and new CD purchases for the year here when I buy them. Since January has turned into February, I will start today with a list of the years purchases so far. Hopefully, it will be kind of entertaining to ponder the randomness of the titles, and it will serve as a way to keep track of my collection a bit and to see how much I spend (could be scary.) I might include some commentary about the titles and even some mp3s to download…

CD Purchases 2006: January Hastings CDA 1. American Gigolo Comp – Mix By Tiga (Used $5.99) – Awesome 2001 DJ Mix with Electroclash classics like Miss Kittin’s “Frank Sinatra and Fischerspooner’s “Emerge”. 2. Ella Fitzgerald – That Old Black Magic (Used $3.99) – Sound quality is terrible and claimed “Exclusive Jazz Photo Collection” is Ella looking her bloated worst. Poor dear. 3. Missing Persons – Spring Session M (Used $5.99) – One of my all-time ‘80’s favorites – this is the ’95 reissue with 2 bonus tracks. 4. She Wants Revenge – She Wants Revenge (New $10.99) – Has been stuck on repeat since I got it from Soulseek – yes, it’s derivative of the usual suspects (Cure, New Order, Interpol, Psych Furs) but it’s also undeniably brilliant and will become a classic on it’s own merits. I love this one so much I think I’ll share.

She Wants Revenge – Red Flags and Long Nights (MP3 7.9MB, 192kbps)

5. Marilyn Manson – Fight Song (single) (New $0.99) – Came with cool MM Tarot Cards. 6. Blue Note Blend 2 Comp (Used $0.99) – One of 2 Starbucks Jazz Comps I picked up. For some reason I really like these to do homework by. Whoever was compiling these back in the ‘90s knew their stuff and picked some great key jazz classics. 7. 45’s on CD Vol. 1 Comp (Used $0.99) – 1956-1959 – Some tracks are lost classics (Connie Francis’ “Stupid Cupid”, Bill Justis “Raunchy”) others are overplayed. 8. Josie Cotton – Convertible Music / From The Hip (Used $0.99) – Never saw this one before. Great ‘80’s pop includes “Johnny Are You Queer?” 9. Ray Lynch – Deep Breakfast (Used $0.99) – Instrumental 1984 album was big in the genre once called “New Age” but this is a bit different – it’s synthy and frothy and vaguely pastoral Borders, CDA 10. John Peel’s Festive 15 Comp (Free with Uncut Mag) – Nice obscurities – not the obvious lot. Newbury Comics (Internet Purchase) 11. Depeche Mode – Remixes 81-04 (Ltd. Ed. 3 CD Set) (Used $24.98) – This and the Siouxsie box had been on my list forever. I got my financial aid and decided to finally order them. The DM set is a little frustrating since I had most everything here on other CDs, but the bonus disc is very nice indeed. Boo-hiss on the packaging, however. The CDs slide right on out of that box everytime you pick it up! 12. Siouxsie & the Banshees – Downside Up B- Sides (4 CD) (New $39.98) – Essential. They really had some odd numbers tucked away on those singles…The booklet is fascinating as well. Goodwill, Downtown Spokane 13. The Cure – End of the World (Single) (Used $1.00) – Didn’t have it yet…boring B-sides. 14. Love and Rockets – Lift (Used $1.00) – I had this once and sold it used – not their best work but includes “Resurrection Hex” which I love. 15. Peter Murphy – Dust (Used $1.00) – Haven’t even listened to it yet. 16. Peter Murphy – Cascade (Used $1.00) 17. Tool – Undertow (Used $1.00) – I’m not a big fan but wanted to maybe drop a few Tool songs into my Karaoke repertoire. 18. SparksBest of Sparks (Used $1.00) – Not really their best, but an odd comp of late ‘80s stuff. 19. At Home With The Groovebox Comp (Used $1.00) – Meant to buy it when it came out, glad I didn’t. Only Beck’s rare gem “Boyz” saves it. “Campfire” might be the worst Sonic Youth song ever. 20. Super Hits of the 70s : Have A Nice Day Vol. 25 (Used $1.00) Includes Ace Frehley’s “New York Groove”.

Pawn One, CDA 21. James Brown – Motherlode (Used $3.00) Insane 2003 comp of unreleased material ’68—72.

St. Vincent Du Paul Books & More, Post Falls 22. We’ll Have Manhattan – The Rogers & Hart Songbook Comp (Used $1.00)

St Vincent Du Paul, CDA 23. Nigel Kennedy – Vivaldi : the Four Seasons (Used $2.00) I like his hair.

Pawn One, Hayden 24. The Fall – The Idiot Joy Show (Used $2.00) Wow – what a find, eh? It’s a 2CD set with 2 mid-90’s live sets. Looks like a bootleg. 25. Syd Barrett – The Madcap Laughs (Used $2.00) What a totally creepy album. I had a hard time listening to this one for some reason. Harsh. 26. Throwing Muses – Not Too Soon single (Used $1.00) Another exciting find. Includes cover of Beatles’ “Cry Baby Cry” I had never heard. 27. General Public – All the Rage (Used $2.00) Sounds pretty dated. 28. Pretenders – Pretenders (Used $2.00) I can finally ditch my threadbare cassette copy. “Tattoed Love Boys” never sounded so good. 29. Iggy & the Stooges – California Bleeding (Used $2.00) Totally unlistenable live comp but includes great pics of a young Ig wearing only a tiny thong! 30. Sarah VaughFinest Hour (Used $2.00) It’s a Sunday morning coffee feeling. 31. Ultra-Lounge: Bossanova-ville Comp (Used $1.00) I can’t ever resist a good Lounge comp. 32. Unrehearsed Impulse Comp (Used $1.00) Another solid Starbucks jazz collection. Pawn One, Post Falls 33. Shirley BasseyThe Best Of (Used $2.00) – Great collection with unfortunate pics of Shirley having a series of bad hair days. 34. Madonna – Who’s That Girl? (Single) (Used $1.00) – “Quien es esa nina

So you're the one buying up all the good CDs, cuz whenever I look through the bins there's nothing left but Spice Girls and Titanic soundtracks.
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