CD Purchases 2006: February 14

Mt. Olympus Imports CDA Some of you may remember a little record shop in Seattle at the corner of 3rd and Battery called Mt. Olympus Imports that had its heyday (at least for me) in the late '80s and was THE place to find rare 4AD and Sisters of Mercy records and posters. It closed its doors years ago, and owner Ron lives in Coeur d'Alene now and reopened his store last fall on North 4th St in the Napa building. The inventory isn't quite as jaw-dropping as it was back in the day, but there is a huge amount of vinyl here, some rare import/bootleg CDs and some great bargains if you poke around enough. 35. Bjork– Family Tree Box (Used $16.99) – this was such a great price and I've been meaning to get this forever - the packaging is so odd, and it has those funny little 3" CDs. Problem is, it was supposed to include the Greatest Hits CD as well, but it was missing. I don't think Ron realized this, so I can't be too sore. I already have the Greatest Hits CD on its own anyway. 36. Danielle Dax – Blast the Human Flower (Used $5.99) – I've been looking for this ill-fated swansong by the wonderfully obscure Ms. Dax for ages... 37, 38, 39. Duran Duran – Notorious, Medazzaland, Astronaut (Used $0.99 each) - are they great albums? Not really, but for some messed-up nostalgic reason I am determined to own all D2 CDs, and this was a nice cheap boost to my collection. 40, 41. Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Welcome to the Pleasuredome, Liverpool (Used $0.99 each) - The entire Frankie oevre in digital quality for a mere 2 bucks. I remember being so disappointed when that 2nd album came out, now it actually sounds okay. Who knew? 42. Philip Oakey and Georgio Moroder - S/T (Used $0.99) - you'd expect such a combo of electro genius to really go off, but it never does. Maybe orchestra hits will make another comeback. 43. Boy George - The Martyr Mantras (Used $0.99) - Wow. How did I miss this album? There's some really classic tracks here in a laid-back house vibe that aged very well. 44. Madonna - Music (Used $0.99) Not my first copy of this album. I sold my original copy used at some point and have been meaning to get it back. "Paradise (Not For Me)" is one of my all-time favorite Madge songs. 45. The Time - What Time Is It? (Used $0.99) I have another ongoing obsession to collect anything Prince related from 1981-1987-ish. Still looking for that elusive Vanity 6 CD... 46. Morrissey - Your Arsenal (Used $0.99) I had this already, but on cassette and that's no good these days.

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