The White Stripes

I only discovered the original Tegan & Sara version of this track a few months back when they showed the ultra-glam video on Logo (see post below). I was immediately enraptured by the girls' angular detatchment and Pat Benatar School of Eye Makeup-isms. The song is incuded on thier brilliant must-own 2004 album So Jealous, which has been on repeat around here for weeks. I was a bit miffed to learn it came out late in 2004 and not 2005, so I can't include it an my forthcoming year-end list, where it surely would have placed near the top.
So, I was delighted to discover that the White Stripes had recently done a cover of the song apparently for the A-side of a new single release. Jack and Meg don't mess with altering the perfection of the original too much, the angular chunkiness is still there, but I rather do miss the icy synth lines. Here, instead we get a backwards interlude, adding to the ghostiness of it all. The Stripes' version is more urgent. Where the Tegan and Sara sounded if they were being haunted in a distant dream, Jack White makes his ghost very real and very scary indeed.
The White Stripes - Walking With A Ghost
MP3 4.29MB, 198kbps, 44kHz

Imagine, that I the Pat Benatar School Of Eye Makeup junkie that I am, have a fondness for Tegan & Sarah. I discovered them sometime around the release of the 2003 as they were on MTV of all places. I fell in love, and have the wonderful album from the year before last and last year's brilliant masterpiece... for those of you around LA, if you go to Amoeba (Heaven on Earth) and buy the latest White Stripes disc, you get the single absolutely free -- but rest assured, supplies are limited.
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