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I think one of the coolest things on the bleak landscape of TV right now is Logo's New Now Next music video show. They play the most fanastic videos, right in prime time, never ceasing to blow my mind. Tonight I watched videos by excellent artists MTV wouldn't dare put on it's regular line-up, even at 5:30AM (isn't that the only time they show videos these days?). Antony and the Johnsons, Bloc Party, VHS or Beta, Erasure, Depeche Mode. My favorite video at the moment is Sleater-Kinney's "jumpers" in which a bored office worker spends days cutting the little clear plastic window parts out of paper business envelopes, tapes hundreds of them together and makes a huge pair of wings, jumps off the top of a tall building, and soars all over the city. Oh, and I love the new Alanis dyke-out video. Like, we couldn't figure out what the hell was up with her hair until the very end of the video, and it's like...A-ha! She's supposed to be a lesbian... Between this show, the classic films they show, and the comedians that are actually funny, having Logo makes it worth the extra money per month for digital cable. Oh, and thank God for SoapNet. Since I started the new job, I've been missing One Life to Live everyday, so I can catch up with the Niki/Viki and Jessica/Tess crisis on Sunday when they have the weekly OLTL marathon (which has totally different backgound music than the ABC version - I never understood that). No spoilers, please!

Oh I love my Logo TV as well.. if it weren't for the music videos, I would not have stumbled upon such new classics as Bright Eyes and The Ditty Bops. The Dittys and their ultimate fun video "Wishful Thinking" is a riot.

As for Soapnet, I too love that channel. It has brought me this much closer to having all my 344 episodes of Knots Landing on DVD. And on Saturdays "Dysfunctional Family Night" they are airing the classic season 6 of Knots where Lisa Hartman is at her uber best singing those 80s rock tunes I love so and if you stick around after that - Soapnet is airing all 13 episodes of a little seen drama from 2001 called "Pasadena" and let me tell you it blows the well coiffed hairs off those Desperate Housewives...
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