Today's 80's obscurity is by 1983's one hit wonder ("AEIOU Sometimes Y" - I know you remember it!) Ebn- Ozn. I vaguely recall owning a cassette of thier one sole album Feeling Cavalier, which has never been re-issued despite some Beavis and Butthead related fame in the 90's. I chanced upon a digital download of a vinyl rip and in addition to the hit (which I still think is pretty brilliant - that psycho synth and chorus gets stuck in my head for days) there are a couple of other keepers, including today's pick, "I Want Cash", a subject I can relate to especially well as of late. Wondering what ever happened to Ebn-Ozn? I was...Here's an update, a bit tragic, really...
Ebn-Ozn - I Want Cash
MP3 4MB, 128kbps, 44kHz

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