Cheese of the Week: Dubliner

New feature alert. I will be trying approximately one new cheese a week and blogging the cold hard facts about each bacterian goodie. All cheeses are at least tried plain and with a crusty French Bread, occasionally served atop an unfussy pasta. Keep it simple. Represent. The Cheese: Dubliner Where Purchased: Gov't Way Safeway, Coeur d'Alene Manufacturer: Kerrygold Origin: Ireland Appearance: Rock-solid, buttery color, not sweaty Smell: Vaguely pungent but not strong at all Taste: Suprisingly sharp and quite flavorful, like a less intense Parmesan, Would be really great as an accent cheese in a grilled cheese sanny along with a nice sharp Cheddar. Couldn't eat a lot in one sitting: too rich! Overall: Delicious, would purchase again. More Info: Dubliner Cheese Homepage

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