Safeway Sushi

My latest unexplainable addiction is the "sushi" now available to go in the deli at the new remodeled Safeway store on Government Way here in Coeur d'Alene. It's certainly no substitute for the real thing, but when one is craving that salty Soy / spicy Wasabi double whammy, it does the trick. So far, I have stuck with the California Roll variety, which isn't even really California Roll like I've ever had in an actual sushi place. It has mock crab, some shredded carrots, cucumber, and mushy avocado. Naturally, no salty roe ever came near these babies. They do have the good grace to sprinkle some sesame seeds around. One thing really bothers me, however. Why, oh why do they only include ONE soy sauce packet? For a nine piece serving, one teaspoon of soy sauce will never, ever do! Try mixing it with your Wasabi and you'll end up with thin Wasabi. I wonder if people out there who aren't that familiar with the nuances of sushi actually try to eat these with one soy sauce packet vs. The huge amount of Wasabi they give you. That fool's poor mouth (and brain) would be burned to a crisp by the Wasabiness! Ouch! Luckily, I never leave the house without a small bottle of soy sauce tucked away somewhere...I'm still working up to try the spicy crab rolls (looks too mayonnaise-y), or the eel roll (mmm, no.) Overall, Safeway sushi is fair to semi-fabulous (depending on one's munchie agenda at the moment, perhaps) and is at least better than Albertsons weak version of fake California Roll.

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