Flexible Records Ghastly Halloween

Happy Halloween from Flexible Records
Hey kids, time to break out the frightwigs and bob for apples. Time for sweet little girls to turn into evil ranting witches, and little boys to turn into evil ranting drag queens.
Halloween is our favorite time of year here at Flexible Records, and we wanted to celebrate the occasion with an exclusive collection of ultra-spooky mind-chilling tunes thatyou and your mummy can download completely free of charge. Burn it to CD and put a boombox on the front porch and scare the sweet dickens out of the little trick-or-treaters. Thank you to all artists who submitted thier ghoulish music to this project: may the putrid zombie of death caress you ever-so-gently.
Click the Ghastly image above to stream or download individual mp3s, or for the entire album in Zip format.
The tracklist is as follows:
Various Artists: Ghastly Flex24
01 Veduta: Maids
02 Swivek: Crypt Keeper
03 Invenom: Erotic Horror
04 Orange Television: Pointless Like A Witch
05 The Man Who Was Thursday: I Feel Your Soul (Vampire Love Duet)
06 Screaming For Emily: Deity
07 Ampersand: Horror (Live)
08 Subhumanfusion: Dementia
09 SEO: Creeper
10 Decline Big Ditch: Blood Is Blood
11 Warmer: Dying To See You
12 Hover Craft: Haunts
13 Hallowmass : Zombie Love

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